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World Peace Productions Presents:
C in C Flyer

What happened to the 60s?

A 60’s Televised Dialogue Forum followed by music

Whatever happened to the Peace Movement
and Love of the 1960’s?

We are all busy and sometimes isolated in these times of economic stress, war, personal and political challenge. It is essential that we gather to connect - both for conversation and fun, with the intent of creating more solutions toward peace on this planet.  The 60’s gave us such a time of idealism, hope and grassroots movements amidst the background of war and civil rights anguish. HOW did such a unique time unfold into a culture of BMW's, Me-ism, and the fast track commute?



We intend to encourage a dialogue that probes the hard questions about why the messages of the 60’s died: Martin Luther King, Jr., John F. Kennedy, Janis Joplin, John Lennon of the Beatles, and many more were a source of inspiration. What happened to an age of hope? Why did a powerful grassroots movement evolve into a complacency or re-direction that let all of the air out of the balloon? Where did everybody go?

Special Musical Guests:
The BluesBurners
Jami Jamison
& Kitty and
the Delta Hairballs

The invited guest list includes:

  • - Larry Harvey,
    Founder & Director of the “Burning Man Festival”
  • - Larry Robinson,
    Former Mayor of Sebastopol, CA
  • - Wavy Gravy,
    Author: "Something Different for a Change"
  • - Larry Barnett,
    Former Mayor of Sonoma, CA
  • - Jim Fadiman,
    Author: "The Other Side Of Haight"
  • - David R. Ford,
    Author: "Marijuana, Not guilty as Charged" & "Good Medicine, Great Sex"
  • - Wes (Scoop) Nisker,
    Former Radio Personality, Author: "The Big Bang, The Buddha, And The Baby Boom"
  • - Ralph Metzner, PhD,
    Author: "The Psychedelic Experience"
  • - Christian de Quincey, PhD,
    Philosopher, Author: "Deep Spirit" & "Radical Nature"
  • Join us for an evening of televised dialogue followed by music and dance.

    Location: Sonoma Barracks
    (Corner of 1st Street East & E. Spain Streets on the Sonoma Plaza)
    Date & Time: October 11, 2003,
    Dialogue begins at 5:00 pm, Music at 8:00 pm.

    Thank you for your collaboration in these times of world conflict and unrest. Let us create a new vision together through dialogue, connection and some of the best music in history.

    Sponsorship and volunteer opportunities are greatly appreciated.
    ...let us create a new vision together through dialogue, music, and connection!

    Dialogue & Music
    Tickets & Information:
    (707) 996-9446  /  (707) 938-4699
    Send Check or Money Order to:
    World Peace Productions
    PO Box 447
    Sonoma, CA 95476
    donations exceeding ticket price greatly appreceiated.
    Music Only
    follow-up Dialogue/Event:

    January 31, 2004, 7:30pm
    Veteran's Auditorium, Sonoma
    With Special Guest:
    Michael Toms

    (New Dimensions Radio)

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