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User Customizable Web Site

This site is fully user customizable from any browser, through a comprehensive Intranet. What does this mean to you, the web site owner? It means that, from any browser, at any time, change logos, change pictures, change data, change menu items, links, you name it, all from your own desktop. Little or no HTML knowledge is required.

This site can be set up as an informational site, a shopping cart site, or just about any imaginable configuration. If you need to make changes, you simply log on, make the changes, and update the site. It's that simple.

There is a programmer in all of us, and this site gives you the chance to quickly put your ideas, products, and imagination on the web, in minimal time. And without having to hire an expensive programmer. Programming rates have gotten as high as $250/Hr. in many regions, this site offers you the ability to have a professionally designed web site that you can update anytime, anywhere, on your schedule.

Call or e-mail me today to get more details on how we can put this powerful programming to work for you.

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